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Counselling and psychotherapy can help you resolve life issues and create strategies and supports for positive change.  Through a therapeutic process that promotes self-awareness, healing, integration and personal growth, clients develop a greater capacity for full and healthy living.


Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process of:​

  • Self Discovery
  • Healing
  • Integration
  • Personal Growth


My approach in psychotherapy is grounded in the Gestalt model.  This focuses on a client’s awareness and experience of self in the “here and now”.  Issues related to past and/or concerns related to the future are addressed as they are experienced by the client in the present.  Mindfulness, cognitive and dialectical behavioural modalities, dream work, and existential, relational, psycho-dynamic and emotional focused approaches are integrated as appropriate in the therapy.  I offer a process for clients to explore, heal, gain new awareness, and create new meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

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