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My Practice

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you resolve life issues and create strategies and supports for positive change.  Through a therapeutic process that promotes self-awareness, healing, integration and personal growth, clients develop a greater capacity for full and healthy living.


Individual counselling & psychotherapy can be helpful if you:


  •  are having difficulty coping with stress, pain, illness, addiction and/or trauma
  •  are struggling with difficult feelings such as anxiety, anger, grief, depression or low-self-esteem
  •  require help in resolving a particular life issue, transition or choice
  •  need assistance in creating healthy patterns of coping and relating to others
  •  want support on your path of personal growth


Couple counselling is helpful for couples who want to:


  •  create healthier patterns of relating
  •  heal from a relationship crisis
  •  develop greater fulfillment in their relationship
  •  have support in making relationship decisions and transitions
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