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What to Expect

Initial Contact

The First Session

You may contact me by phone or email with any questions and to inquire about setting up an appointment.  I will respond to messages usually within one business day barring vacation and illness.  If you have daytime flexibility, I can usually find a place in my schedule to see you within one week.  If you require an evening appointment, the wait may be longer.

During the first session, I will review with you my Policies of Practice and answer your initial questions.  Once your Consent to Services is granted, we will explore more deeply the reasons you have sought support at this time. 

Some individuals come with specific problems they are facing: anxiety and/or depressed mood, emotional distress, relationship crisis, concern about a family member, workplace stress and conflict, and self-esteem concerns, are just a few examples.  Others arrive with a vague sense of unease or dissatisfaction with life: unfilled dreams, a lack of meaning or purpose in life, or confusion that impairs vibrant living are other reasons for seeking help.  Still others are experiencing, or wish to make, a transition in their lives.  They may want help to develop the capacity and courage to make the necessary changes.

I will offer observations and inquiries as we explore the meaning of your experience.  During this session, we will clarify the issues and begin to develop a plan through them.  Your strengths and resources, as well as how you feel challenged, will be touched upon.  You may also wish to share significant recent and past life events.  The pace and agenda, while guided and deepened by me, is set by you.

Ongoing Work

Finishing The Work

While I do not prescribe a frequency or number of sessions, I recommend that clients initially attend three weekly appointments.  This helps build momentum for change. 

After this stage, some clients will have met their goals. Others may benefit from ongoing weekly sessions to maintain a consistency of support.  A biweekly frequency can also work well to provide time to integrate new insights and skills. The frequency and duration of therapy depends upon the extent and degree of what is required.  Together we will create a process that is appropriate for your needs.

Once you are reaching your goals, we will begin to finish the work.  You may wish to set new goals and work towards these with me.  Or, you may feel ready to embark on your own, knowing you can return to see me if ever desired.

I believe that acknowledging your progress and creating an ongoing action plan for success is an important element in finishing the work. Therefore, I recommend we have at least one session’s notice to allow us a proper closure.


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